I do art with code and film and textiles and probably some other stuff too. Here’s some of it.

(If you want to see a huge data dump of all of my work ever, it’s here )


35mm // audacity // digital imaging

Glitched explores the relationship between digitized humans and their natural surroundings. Film original photographs are selectively degraded using audio editing software.


code (openFrameworks) // canvas + colored pencil + thread

Threaded is a series of digital and physical canvases that explore the intersection of data, code, and craft.

The design for these pieces was derived from personally meaningful music data filtered through a self-coded algorithmic visualization program, then exported to canvas via colored thread.

Apologies for the poor quality images.


audio electronics

a homemade tremolo pedal

selected landscapes

35mm provia // expired porta

hypertext remix


Hypertext Remix is a browser-sequencer hacked together by Kellyn Loehr and myself. It turns the browser itself into a tool for performance.

Hypertext Remix is a browser sequencer that generates system sounds when a browser window hits the edge of the screen. The speed of each box is set by the scroll bar and the sounds that are generated create an emotional resonance with the machines and systems we use on a daily basis.


Oh wow you made it this far.
You can see a comprehensive history of as much art of mine as has survived over the years at:


I earned my MFA in Design + Tech from Parsons The New School for Design in 2012.
I have a BA in Visual Media from American University.

I do freelance product design + frontend development for startups and small businesses.
You can see this stuff at larawarman.com.




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